Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic care blends modern scientific knowledge with natural medicine and traditional wisdom.

You can expect a comprehensive appointment and individualized treatment plan tailored to your health concerns and goals. Both conventional and functional diagnostics may be used to better understand your state of health.

A variety of treatments are available, such as: botanicals, clinical nutrition, dietary supplements, detoxification, hydrotherapy, lifestyle counseling, pharmaceuticals, and bodywork.

Naturopathy stands distinct from conventional medicine in the philosophy upon which it is based:


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For years I went to different doctors who would work on one thing or another, mostly symptoms without getting to a root cause. When I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease a friend recommended Dr. Noel. I’m glad I started working with her.

I am finally on a path to healing and getting to the root of problems that I’ve struggled with for years. I’ve only been going to see her for a few months and my energy is returning and I’m finally starting to feel good again. I’ve gotten my life back thanks to the care and hard work of Dr. Noel. She is a thorough and caring individual.

—Theresa S.

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