I am the healthiest and happiest I’ve been in my adult life since working with my naturopathic doctor.
— Anonymous Patient of Dr. Noel’s

here's what else our patients are saying...

“Dr. Noel is confident, trustworthy, intuitive, knowledgeable and extremely genuine. She will go out of her way to help people, and if she can’t help she will find someone who can. Noel is committed to cultivating real human health from the inside out. She takes the time to understand people. Her compassionate attitude and competent nature make her an ideal holistic health care provider.” 
– E.S.T

“Noel is a fine young doctor with great promise.  I am most impressed by her dedication to the underlying principles of naturopathic medicine, and her clinical understanding, which seems beyond her years.  She is a natural.”
– Jared Zeff, ND

"I was so inspired and motivated by participating in the June 2016 Stellar You Wellness group cleanse that 6 months later I have lost around 40lbs and am back in “regular” sizes.  I’ve re-gained my health, self-respect and motivation to continue down this path.  It was not an easy road for me, however, with the support and encouragement of the leader and group, I was able to stay on track.  I’m ready to do it again!!!!"

“Dr. Noel is calm, thoughtful, and listens. She teaches functional life changes. Thank you.”
-Louis L.

“I went to see Dr. Hubbs because I was fed up with your everyday doc-in-the-box who spends as little time with you as possible and then throws meds at you hoping something works. I did have some reservations with Dr. Hubbs, but she quickly put those to ease by answering my questions and speaking very open and honestly to me. After a month of following Dr. Hubbs' health plan for me which consists of food changes, supplements and some other small changes to my daily living habits, I have seen major improvements to the health problems I was having. I am very happy and impressed with the care and results I have received. I will continue to see Dr. Hubbs for my medical needs. “ -Rich I.

“Back in August, 2016, I visited Dr. Hubbs with a serious problem: my bones were thinning. In 2011, I had osteopenia (-1.7) and by 2014 my bones diminished to -2.8, which means osteoporosis. Imagining a future in a wheelchair or worse, I visited Dr. Hubbs. After a series of tests she prescribed bio-identical hormones and supplements meant to boost bone growth. In January 2016 I had another DEXA scan. Before the test, the tech said, “Don’t expect much; bones don’t get better. We just hope they stay the same.” But she was wrong. My DEXA scan came out at -1.6, which meant my bones were stronger than five years ago! Thanks Dr. Hubbs for helping me keep my bones, and stepping outside mainstream medical thought enough to help me regain bone mass. Your treatments have been a blessing in my life.” -Ellen T.

“Dr. Noel’s detox program is not a diet - it’s a lifestyle change. I have more energy, and sleep well at night due to this program. She explains everything and more in great detail so it’s understandable and easy. She scheduled guests to come in so we could learn about new techniques, healthy ways to shop, and stretching too.” -A.S.

“This comprehensive detox teaches you and gives you tools to get those toxins out of your body and all aspects of your life, and keep them out. You won’t have been in the program very long before you awaken one morning and realize you feel bright, alert, more energetic, and optimistic. You feel like getting outside and breathing some fresh air and having some fun. You realize that dumpy and pessimistic feeling wasn’t just due to aging afterall.” -Richard H.