Move Into Joy


A gentle body and movement-based approach to physical and emotional well-being

You can feel better both physically and emotionally. With Irene Bower’s somatic approach to Psycho/Emotional work, using talk, body awareness, movement and gentle touch to help you regulate your nervous system. As a result you will not be so easily or so frequently overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, tension or anger on the one hand, depression, grief, lack of energy or numbness on the other. Life is full of challenges. With better nervous system regulation and a newfound sense of trust and safety, you can negotiate these challenges with more resilience, calm, self-confidence and optimism. You will be able to connect with others on a deeper, more satisfying level and reconnect with your own inner strengths, vitality and joy. Reclaim your full expressive and creative potential with Move into Joy.

Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method of somatic education is a unique approach that will help you unlock your body’s potential for enjoyable, pain-free movement. Working with gentleness and increased awareness, you will calm your nervous system, reduce pain and muscular tension and discover new, more pleasurable, more efficient movement possibilities. You can book a private Feldenkrais session tailored to your specific needs and/or attend a group class.

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Reducing Chronic Pain Group

In this multi-modal, monthly support group, we will explore many ways to address the physical and emotional components of chronic pain and discover new possibilities of health and wellbeing.

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