If you are an integrative health care provider (i.e Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, mental health therapist, counselor, nutritional therapist, Chiropractic Doctor, Functional Medicine Physician, Licensed Massage Therapist, etc.) looking for a place to practice in Eastern Washington or Tri-Cities, we are seeking vibrant and compassionate care providers to join our team. All practitioners at Stellar You Wellness Center are independent contractors.


Please email us a resume and cover letter including:

•   What kind of work you do and why you love it.

•   Your ideal client - who you love to work with and why.

•   Examples of how you plan to (or already do) attract your ideal client.

•   Your ideal schedule - what days/times are you interested in seeing clients.

•   Your current and future business goals.



Once we review your information we will reach out to schedule an introductory meeting if your services seem to be a good match for our clinic.