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News and Events at Stellar You Wellness Center:

Naturopathic Events:

TRUE YOU! Workshop. October 19th 2019 - Register by emailing
We will reply to your email with registration and payment info. This workshop will focus on trusting intuition, recognizing inner dialogue, and acting from a space of authenticity and power.

Heal Yourself, Heal Your THYROID! TBD 2020- Jumpstart your thyroid health with individualized naturopathic care and proven scientific protocols, along with supportive lifestyle modifications. This workshop focused on thyroid health will be offered once-weekly during selected months, from 6:30-8pm. It includes informing group sessions, two individual medical visits with Dr. Noel and four health & life coaching sessions with Chrystal. Our next scheduled Thyroid Detox is coming up TBD 2019. Call or email for further details, or to register!

Physician Guided Group Detox: (Next class starts January 2020) Detox classes repeat periodically. This physician-led detox will boost immunity, decrease inflammation, and support our most important organs of detoxification. Benefits may include increased energy, weight loss, clearer skin, and improved sleep, digestion, and mood. Package includes: Individualized Naturopathic medical visits, weekly workshops, and hydrotherapy. Optional add-ons include supplements, massage, health coaching, yoga, healthy shopping trips, and more! Location: Stellar You Wellness Center. Call: 509-946-WELL.

Mind Over Muscle Events:

Donation-based Movement Classes: For all movers; a limited series of pay-what-you-want movement classes. Stretch and Strengthen! Future dates to be determined.

To sign up, contact the front desk 509-946-WELL, or email

Mind Over Muscle Workshops: Saturday Workshops - one day, 3 hours, $120. Weekly Workshops - 3 weeks, 1 hr/wk, $150. To sign up or get more information, call 509-946-9355 or email

Upcoming Sunday Strolls to be Announced!

Serene Birth SOlutions’ Events:

HypnoBirthing Classes- New sessions starting every two months. Location: Stellar You Wellness Center. Call or email Cynthia to register for upcoming classes:
Call: 509-619-8679. Email:

Next HypnoBirthing Session:

HypnoBirthing Weekly Course:

November 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, December 3rd

Tuesdays 6:00-8:30PM

HypnoBirthing Weekend Intensive Course:

Future Dates TBA!

Basic Massage Techniques For Labor and Birth- Repeats periodically.  $30 per couple.
Call or email Cynthia to register: Call: 509-619-8679.

Next Labor Massage Techniques Workshop:

Tuesday December 10th 5:00-8:00PM

Move into joy events

The Feldenkrais Method

Group Classes

Awareness Through Movement®

Classes of unique, gentle movement sequences that will help you discover new patterns of coordination and flexibility. View the flyer for more details.

To register, please contact Irene or the front desk 509-946-WELL.

Private Sessions

Functional Integration®

These private sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Always gentle, non-invasive touch and verbally guided movements are used to help you become aware of and transcend old restrictive movement habits. View the flyer for more details.

To register please contact Irene or the front desk 509-946-WELL.

Reducing Chronic Pain

A multi-modal approach to Moving out of Pain and into more Ease and Comfort

An ongoing monthly support group First Saturday 2:00PM – 3:30PM

Next Meeting: Saturday November 2nd, 2:00PM – 3:30PM

Come join us in this small, safe and supportive group. $25 per meeting. View the flyer for more details.

Register to attend by contacting the front desk 509-946-9355