Naturopathic info:

First office Visit

What to bring:

Please bring a copy of any recent medical laboratory tests to your first visit.

Bring all your current supplements and medications. 

Complete the online intake form through the CHARM tracker.

Sign the policies forms electronically through CHARM tracker. 

What to expect:

During this 90 minute visit, your doctor will meet with you to obtain information regarding your past medical history, your current health concerns and goals, as well as your diet and lifestyle. She will perform pertinent physical exams, read labs and imaging that you’ve done in the past year, and review any supplements and/or medications you’re currently taking. In addition to creating a treatment plan for your current health issues during this visit, your doctor will also assess your risk factors for developing disease and include a preventative approach for your healthcare (ie. heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, etc.)  

The doctor may recommend that additional lab tests be performed, such as:

   Reproductive and/or Adrenal Hormone Testing

   Neurotransmitter Testing

   Food intolerance Evaluation

   25-OH Vitamin D testing

   Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

   Toxic Elements Testing


The first follow-up appointment may range from 1-8 weeks after your first office visit and may last 30-60 minutes. At this time, your doctor will go over the results of any new lab work that has been ordered, as well as check in with you to see how your current treatment plan is going. Based on the new labs and how you're progressing, your individualized plan will be fine-tuned. At this time the need for further follow-up appointments will be established. Patients are often surprised at how well they're feeling just 4 weeks after beginning their treatment protocol. 

Acute Office Visits

Acute office visits are for concerns that need immediate attention but are non-emergency situations (i.e. flu-like symptoms, ear infections, neck/back pain, bladder infections, lung infections, etc.). The visit includes an intake and any necessary physical exam. A treatment protocol will be administered on the day of the visit.

Phone consultations

Follow-up phone consultations are an option to accommodate busy schedules or people who live outside of the Tri-Cities area. An initial visit in person is required first. 


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